Rod Ends / Plain Spherical Bearings

Uses: Applications where a reduction in friction for a precise change in motion is required such as: Race car suspension and most industrial machinery.


  • Seals (For Rod Ends)

Description: Rod End and Spherical Bearings are typically used to reduce friction and to give better control in oscillating assemblies (back and forth). They also have the ability to misalign axially. This attributes allows designs of machinery to operate under conditions of oscillation, misalignment and load, with the reduction of friction, making the design and operation more efficient. Rod end bearings come in a variety of sizes and materials, from 1/8″ to 4 ½” bore in imperial and 2mm to 200mm for metric, and male or female threads in right hand and left hand. Inch and metric rod ends are available with integral ball and roller bearings for higher rpm usage. Spherical bearings come in many sizes too ½ ” to 6″ for imperial and 2mm to 2,000mm. Materials for both rod ends and plain spherical can be from mild steel to heat treated alloys and stainless steel. Custom sizes can be made to order too. 

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